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CBBC Code CBBC Name Underlying Bull / Bear Cate-
Strike Price Call level Underlying Value CBBC Price Turnover Maturity Date O/S Qty (%) Entitlement Ratio
50027 SG#ALIBARP2404C09988BearR151.500150.00072.7500.15402024/04/300.00500
50088JP#PINANRP2312B02318BearR75.60075.00036.0000.4004.0K 2023/12/150.01100
50099GS#TENCTRP2404A00700BearR433.000430.000327.0000.20320.3K 2024/04/080.39500
50100GS#HKEX RP2401L00388BearR382.000380.000277.2000.20402024/01/310.08500
50101 GS#ALIBARP2403B09988BearR132.000130.00072.7500.58002024/03/270.00100
50199 GS#KUASORP2402B01024BearR83.00080.00057.7000.25502024/02/280.08100
50334 UB#WUXI RP2312D02269BearR76.50075.00043.5000.32502023/12/220.00100
50338SG#NTES RP2407A09999BearR200.000198.000176.3000.045199.3K 2024/07/045.73500
50366 UB#GEELYRP2404C00175BearR12.50012.0008.5100.3803.8K 2024/04/190.1010
50385SG#GW MCRP2312A02333BearR14.08013.28011.2600.05714.6K 2023/12/281.6050
50409CT#CCB RP2406A00939BearR4.8804.7804.5200.03678.7K 2024/06/031.5310

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  • CBBC Price, Underlying Value and Turnover are delayed by at least 15 minutes. Other information are updated daily.
  • The outstanding quantity (O/S Qty) is one day delayed and is updated once on every trading day.
  • The Index CBBC only includes CBBC being the underlying of Hang Seng Index and Hang Seng China Enterprises Index.
  • Newly Listed CBBC only includes CBBC listed in the past 1 calendar month from today. Expiring CBBC only includes CBBC that will be expired in 1 calendar month from today.
  • A Category R CBBC refers to a CBBC where its Call Level is different from its Strike Price, and the CBBC holder may receive a small amount of cash payment upon the occurrence of a Mandatory Call Event ("MCE"). A Category N CBBC refers to a CBBC where its Call Level is equal to its Strike Price, and the CBBC holder will not receive any cash payment upon the occurrence of a MCE.
  • The above information is only available and updated during trading sessions.

    Investment involves risks. The price of Callable Bull/Bear Contracts ("CBBC") may move up or down rapidly, and may become valueless, resulting in a total loss of investor's investment. There is an inherent risk that losses may be incurred rather than profit made as a result of buying and selling CBBC. CBBC has a mandatory call feature. CBBC must be terminated when the spot price / spot level of the underlying asset reaches or goes beyond the call price / call level prior to expiry, in which case, the holder of CBBC will or is likely to, lose all the investment. Investors bear the credit risk of the issuer and have no recourse to Hang Seng Bank Limited. Investors should make their own risk assessment and seek independent professional investment or other advice where necessary with respect to any exposure to derivative CBBC. Investors should refer to the relevant CBBC's listing documents (including but not limited to the full text of the risk factors stated therein) in detail and understand the nature, terms and risks of the relevant CBBC before making any investment decision.

    By viewing this website or using any information or functions of this website, you are deemed to acknowledge that you agree to the terms of use as stated here.

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